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Morph's CRaP

Also Known as Morph's Comments, Remarks and Perceptions

Sidney Jones
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S i d n e y _ J o n e s
"I may be a total idiot, but I'm not stupid."
-Sidney Jones, Morph .
Role Play Profile: Morph

Name: Sidney Jones

Codename: Morph

Age: 18

Height: Variable

Weight: Variable

Eye Color: Variable

Hair Color: Variable

Appearance: When in his natural state it is obvious Morph is anything but human. He ‘skin’ is completely white and beyond eyes, a mouth and the impression of ears his head is utterly featureless.

Disposition: Morph is quite adept at using his power for sight gags, and usually shifts at least his outfit to match what he's talking or thinking about. However, despite his jocular nature, Morph is actually quite intelligent. Not that anyone believes him. This is mostly due to him chasing anything that has breasts.

Known Superhuman Powers: Morph is an omnimorphic shapeshifter, able to assume any form, regardless of mass, shape, or state.

History: As a result of his abilities, Morph was able to avoid persecution for being a mutant, and was able to have a fairly normal childhood. This led to his cheerful and irreverent disposition, which while sometimes annoying, often helps to cheer up his teammates. Another component of his personality comes from the fact that his mother (who smoked) died from lung cancer when he was thirteen, and his father always pushed him to be "serious," which he rebelled against. When Professor Xavier approached him to attend his school for training Morph accepted, it was either that or get a job.
[ Morph is a Character created by Marvel Comics.]